Welcome to the #7 blog of Mr Dutcher. We have talked about it before shoes are the foundation of your outfit. But in today’s fashion industry there is so much to choose from. However, some shoes go out of style and some stay iconic trough out the times. That is why we have come up with a list of timeless shoes for men that will make look any outfit better.

#1: Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are the perfect combination between casual and classy. They can be worn with a great suit or they can upgrade you’re from day-to-day outfit. Choose between leather or suede. Colour tones such as Grey, Brown, Black or navy blue are great options. The Chelsea boot was invented in 1837 by Queen Victoria’s bootmaker (Mr J Sparkes-Hall). So, it is safe to say that this is truly a timeless piece in fashion.

#2: Desert boot by Clark

The desert boot has been around for a while. It has been designed and introduced to the world in 1949. It is the perfect shoe for casual outfits with a formal touch. The beauty of the shoe is the craftmanship. The shoes are handmade and are well- known for their quality.

#3: Oxford

The Oxford shoe is well-respected in the world of business and suits. It was invented back in the 1800s in Ireland. The shoe is named after the Oxford University. It is the perfect shoe underneath a suit and is unmissable in any men’s wardrobe.

#4: The Timberland boot

The Timberland boot was invented in 1973. It was designed with the vision of a fashion piece that was functional. This translated into a waterproof boot with strong craftsmanship. It became a truly iconic American piece, and it dominated the European fashion industry. Today it is still one of the best-sold boots and they are perfect for any casual outfit for a more cool and edgy look.

#5: The Loafer

The first Loafer was designed in 1926. It was originally made for the King George VI. It has been said the king wanted a casual shoe that he could wear in his country houses. Fast forward to today and the shoe is still around for a classy look. It goes well underneath a suit or a more casual outfit with classy elements.

#6: Nike air force one

It perhaps does not entirely fit in this list as it’s a more street style. However, we did feel like we had to include it. It is a very popular shoe and it goes great with any casual outfit, but it can also give a very fun and young dynamic to a suit for example. The sneaker was first invented by Nike in 1982. We do advice you to also look at other brands that sell white sneakers. Often a minimal and clean look is the way to go.