Welcome to the #8 blog of Mr Dutcher. This week’s article is about the best hair grooming brands for men. Our vision is to make men representative, and hair is an essential. A man that takes care of his hair will automatically look 10 times more representable! Either in business or in personal life it is important to take care of your hairstyle. There are a lot of brands out there that offer great hair styling products. However, it can be hard to find out which ones are the best. So, Gents let’s get into it, here are the 5 best-ranked hair brands for men! ”Your hairstyle is the crown of your look.”

#1: Forte series

Forte series is the leading company when it comes to hair products for men and the favourite of Mr Dutcher. The founder Alex Costa has spent years with his team developing the best hair products. The end result? An amazing brand with lots of happy customers! The vision of the brand is to make guys look their best. ”When a guy looks good, he feels good.” Forte describes that the brand is made for guys by guys who know you do not always get a second chance at a first impression.

One of the strengths of the brand is that they focus on care in their product line. They’re dedicated to only be using salon-grade ingredients (never harmful sulphates and parabens) to ensure that young guys are truly using the best quality products in their hair. But what makes Forte unique? The company goes through an amazing effort to satisfy its customers. The production process is focused on the feedback of their exclusive Facebook community which results in the most amazing product line.

Another great service that the brand offers is a subscription to receive automatically a restock every three months. Great for men who do not want to think or worry about ordering new products every time they run out. Forte also offers lots of tutorials on their website and via the YouTube channel of Alex Costa which is a community for men who want to look and feel their best!

Which products do we recommend?

We recommend going for the Texture Clay if you are looking for a pliable styling product with long-lasting hold and a natural matte finish, hydrating Argan oil If you struggle with dry hair, their hydrating argan oil works well to reduce frizz and flyaways. Other recommendations are the Molding paste and Clarifying shampoo.


#2: Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy is a professional hair brand that offers a great variety of products. The brand stands for true quality. The packaging is unique and premium. Kevin Murphy was founded by a real professional in his craft. Mr Murphy found that there was a real lack of quality products that had the performance he needed for his clients. That is why the company was created. The brand has a lot of recognition in the professional modelling industry and is used a lot at photoshoots.

The products are cruelty-free, and the brand uses only natural ingredients. In addition, the packaging is made of recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Which products do we recommend?

We recommend using the freehold styling cream, Kevin murphy Night rider, Kevin murphy hair resort spray (for a more textured look), Kevin Murphy powder puff, Kevin Murphy Stimulate me rinse.


#3: System professional

System professional is a salon-quality brand. The brand was founded in 1974 by a group of scientists that wanted to revolutionise hair care. ”The first coded, modular system of performance care – inspired by science, and tailored to each hair type.”

The company uses bioengineering for natural products with the best quality. They use science to find the best ingredients for the best performing products.

 In addition, the brand cares for its environmental footprint by producing eco-conscious packaging.

Which products do we recommend?

We advise to try out the Matte Cream, Hair & Beard oil, Energy shampoo, Texturing spray.


#4: By Vilain

By Vilian was created in 2013 by the twin’s Rasmus and Emil. The two had a passion for style and hair and started a YouTube channel where they gave hair advice for men (SlikhaarTV). Fast forward to today and the brand is known internationally and sold in a variety of countries.

All the products are made in Denmark to ensure high-quality products. The brand is for men who ”Truly appreciates luxurious quality, timeless design and boldness in a brand that has created its own path to success”.

Which products do we recommend?

We recommend trying, Gold digger wax, Silver fox wax, Dynamite clay.


#5: Hanz de Fuko

Hanz de Fuko was created in 2009 by David Alfonso and Christopher Zent. The brand quickly became one of the leaders within the industry because of a creative and innovative mentality. The company’s product line is based on organic ingredients and focussed on results. There are no harsh chemicals or preservatives in their products. In addition, the brand does not test on animals and uses eco-friendly packaging for its products.

Which products do we recommend?

We recommend trying out the Claymation, Gravity paste, Sponge wax, Quick sand, hybridized wax, natural shampoo/ conditioner.