Welcome to the #6 blog of Mr Dutcher. In this blog, we are going to share with you the 4 best affordable suit brands for men handpicked by Mr Dutcher. Suits are an unmissable piece in any man’s wardrobe. It looks classic and stylish. However, some of the reason’s men don’t wear suits anymore is because they can be expensive. However, it does not have to be. A suit does not always have to cost a thousand bucks. That is why we have looked at brands that sell good quality suits for affordable prices. ‘’A suit feels like the outfit of a hero. With it, you feel confident, and you look sharp and ready to take on the world’’.

#1: Suitsupply

Suitsupply offers a very wide variety of suits. The fun thing about the brand is that they allow you to fully customize your suits to your preference. That also means that you can make it as expensive as you like. They have classic and modern styles and therefore, it is perfect for any occasion. The brand has a very cool and fresh feel to it. They offer great service in stores where they can adjust the fit of the suit to your size. The brand is originally a true Dutch brand, but they are very international orientated and expanding quickly.

 #2: WE

WE offer great suits for affordable prices. They have a modern and simple look. But they also offer some pieces with original touches like pins. The brand is investing heavily in sustainable production processes which is a great bonus.

#3: Dutch Dandies

Dutch Dandies is a Dutch brand that offers beautiful quality suits. The suits show class and style. The brand invests heavily in high-quality materials but unlike other brands that do not make their prices expensive. They are perfect for men who dare to take risks and value high quality.

#4: Institchu

Institchu is all about the perfect fit. They offer a fully customizable service. You are the designer of your suit and you can fully adjust it to your style. The brand offers luxury at affordable prices.

Why buy a suit?

In today’s fashion, a lot of people think that suits are old news. However, at Dutcher, we do not agree with this. It makes a man stand out in an office or in a professional environment. It shows that the men that wears it has class and a feel for style. You cannot go wrong with it. Any men can look great in a quality suit that is the beauty of it. We advise you to look for suits that feel comfortable. You do not want to wear a suit the whole day that is not comfortable. A lot of brands offer great pieces with great fabrics that make you feel more comfortable.  So, Gents pick a brand that you like and rock it!