Welcome to the #9 blog of Mr Dutcher. In this week’s article, we will give you the most stylish pants for men. We think we do not have to stress the importance of a pair of pants. But still, a lot of guys walk around in the same pants they had for years and probably never switch it up.

It can be hard to find out which styles and brands are the best. So, that is why we selected 5 types of pants every man should own in his wardrobe handpicked by Mr Dutcher. Gents let’s get into it here are 5 stylish pants for men.

#1: Slim Jeans

There is no going wrong with jeans they will go perfect for those more casual days. Slim fitted jeans will make your outfit look more tailored and it goes well with almost everything.

However, we do want to advise you to not make it too slim since it can make you look like you do not fit in them.

These days there are a lot of brands that offer great jeans and some offer more flexible materials that will feel more comfortable. We recommend going for brands such as Levi’s, G-star, Scotch & Soda, PME legend.


#2: Wool trousers

The wool trouser might look as if they can only be used in combination with a suit. However, we think this is not the case. It can be used for any occasion and you could rock it in combination with more casual items. Combine them with a great pair of sneakers or Chelsea boots and a shirt or T-shirt and you are guaranteed success. We recommend taking a look at Suit Supply.


#3: Slim fit Chino’s

The Chino is a timeless piece in a man’s wardrobe. They are perfect to combine with casual items, but they also go great with a more formal look. The item matches with a sneaker but also with more formal shoes. Dress it up with a quality shirt and dress it down with a simple T-shirt. They are also the perfect option for spring. We recommend taking a look at Mango.


#4: Dress trousers

The dress trouser is the perfect item to dress up! It can be worn for that special occasion and a quality piece will make any man look like a million bucks. The fit with these pants is an important factor. If they are too long or too short it will just not look that great. We advise you to go to a tailor with these pants to make sure that they are perfect for that special occasion. We recommend taking a look at Suit Supply.


#5: Smart jogger

With the smart jogger, you get the best of both worlds. With this piece, you will look like you are dressed smart or more formal. However, they are just joggers, and they feel super comfortable. They are great if you are travelling for a longer time and you need something comfortable for the trip, but you still want to look dressy.  We recommend taking a look at The Sting and Suit supply.