Welcome to the first blog of Mr. Dutcher! In this blog, we are going to talk about the first essential things to know about Mans fashion and style. Let’s get started! Here are 3 essential tips for any man to apply in their wardrobe! 

Choose your preferred style: 

These days there are a lot of different styles out there available for you to choose from. Therefore, it is important to pick one that feels the most comfortable for you and that you feel confident in! To be honest a good outfit starts with the person who is rocking it. If you wear it with confidence it will automatically look better! 

So, start choosing between for example Casual, casual classic, formal, or street. 

Pick your basics: 

It is important to have a few basic items in your wardrobe. Depending on the style you chose, the following items will be essential in your wardrobe. 

– A White T-shirt, think about it can look good under a nice leather jacket, can feel comfortable under a suit, and don’t forget it has clean look on its own. 


– A good pair of jeans or chinos are always a winner when it comes to a good outfit. We advise you to go for a more tailored fit since it will highlight some elements of your body better. If you choose to go on the baggier side that is fine too but don’t overdo it. 


– A nice quality shirt can not be missed in a man’s wardrobe. Pick a color that you can combine with multiple things in your wardrobe. A good shirt is elegant and will always compliment the man in the right way. 


– Shoes are the building blocks of an outfit. Shoes can either make or break the outfit. Chose something that fits the rest of your look. But do not be afraid to stand out and try something different. Are you going for classy or street? 


– Sweaters for those cold or comfy days. A nice sweater or turtleneck is always a good pick for a comfortable feel and look. We recommend going with calm colors for a more professional look. But if you are home or not in a professional setting it is of course okay and recommended to try new crazy colors that you might like. 


– Accessories are a lot of times overlooked by men, but they are an important component of a good outfit. The most basic one is of course the watch. A watch does not have to be too expensive in order to look good. Pick a brand with good quality and that is in your price range. If you wear a Rolex for example that doesn’t mean automatically that your whole outfit is good price does not matter in this case. 


– Fragrance. We know it is not really a component of a wardrobe, but it is an essential part of a men’s outfit. If you do not smell good people will automatically feel less attracted to you. So, pick a smell that fits you and the occasion. 

Try out different brands: 

Don’t just stick with one brand for your entire wardrobe but combine multiple brands. It can really help to make sure your outfits aren’t all boring or look the same. Of course, if a brand offers multiple items and they really fit your style, go for it. But don’t just choose something just for the name.