Spring is around the corner and temperatures are beginning to rise. So, it might be time for you to look for a lighter jacket or coat for the spring and replace your winter jacket.

Here are the best spring coats for men hand-picked by Mr. Dutcher.

Trench coat: 

A trench coat is a perfect coat for spring. It is a classic piece that goes well with a nice suit or just casual. Colors such as brown and beige will always be a good choice.

Harrington Jacket: 

The Harington Jacket is the perfect balance between a casual and a more formal look. You can wear it with your regular clothes but also it matches great with some nice pants and a good shirt.

Denim jacket: 

The Denim jacket is an iconic piece. It is perfect for those casual days. Any man can look great in it. You can combine it with a nice T-shirt, jeans and of course some great sneakers.

Leather jacket: 

Look for a nice leather jacket it can be perfect for the colder days during spring. Brown, grey and black are great color options!

Field jackets: 

A nice long walk through the woods, the sun is shining and you’re exploring and enjoying life. The field jacket is a perfect piece for adventurous trips. 

Bomber jacket:

This jacket is a fresh jacket. It has a young feel to it, and it goes great with almost every casual/ street piece in your collection. With this piece, it is fun to try out different vibrant colors.