Mr. Dutcher originally lived around the year 1916. It’s a time where men were dressed well and people that could afford it walked around in the most beautiful suits. A time of stylish hats and shoes. Men were dressed to impress. Mr Dutcher had his own clothing store.  A place where the finest suits were designed and he helped a lot of people with dressing the right way and learning them about different styles. His clothing was impressive and always had a fresh vision with respect for the past.

Mr. Dutcher always wondered what the future would be like. How would men dress? Would his vision be passed on through generations? He wanted to be sure that style would stay alive and that even if he would not be around any more men would dress well and the Dutcher vision would be passed on. That is why he created “The Dutcher rules of style”. 

That brings us to today. Fashion and style change a lot and new trends pop up from everywhere. We understand that it can be hard to keep track of everything and that it can be difficult to dress well when you have no experience. That is why we want to help you with dressing the right way by passing on the Dutcher vision. The Dutcher rules of style represent a modern man, well dressed and he has a clear goal and vision for his life. He has values and knows what he wants.