Welcome to the #10 blog of Mr Dutcher. Summer is coming soon and a lot of style trends have come along this year. In this week’s blog, we are bringing you the best summer trends for men’s style in 2021. A lot of things are slowly coming back to normal. That means it could be time to upgrade your wardrobe again since you will be going out more.  Sometimes it can feel like summer style can be a bit boring because there are not a lot of layers into summer outfits. However, Gent’s like Don Draper said ‘’Make it simple but significant.’’

#1: Wider and more comfortable

Men’s fashion has gone from a more tailored slim look to a more oversized look with more comfortable outfits. This could be because of the pandemic since a lot of people are at home they want to wear something that is more comfortable. Therefore, pants with a wider fit and loungewear looks are an excellent choice for summer 2021.

#2: Flowers and prints

The retro 1970 look with flower power makes a comeback in 2021 according to Vogue. Therefore, shirts or T-shirts with flower prints and colourful looks are a great addition to your summer wardrobe!

#3: Vertical Stripes vibe

The stripes look great and it is a more simple way to experiment with prints for summer in 2021. A great bonus point is that it looks fun in combination with more formal pants and shoes. Shirts, polo’s or T-shirts are all great options for stripes.

#4: The bomber comeback

To be honest, did the bomber ever leave? In 2021 it is a great jacket for summer again. The bomber is a great piece. Go for a bomber with a print or keep it simple with colours.

#5: Minimalism-Rock simple

We have said it before keep it simple! If you are not feeling the flower prints, no problem! Another trend in 2021 is minimalism. Go for black, white and good fitted pieces and you are good to go! It is a truly effortless look and essential in your summer wardrobe.

#6: The linen suit, formal but chill 

Comfortable seems to be the theme of 2021, this goes for suits as well. A linen suit is a perfect piece for a more formal look for those summer evenings. The suits give an effortless vibe with maximum comfortability.